Warning a solution has finally arrived

Finally a solution for all the Remington 887 owners out there! You have all voiced your opinions and concerns and someone has finally listened.

Here at Rock Solid Shotgun we custom mill these adapters to fit the popular ATI Tactical Stocks. We specialize in the Tactical Stocks,Top Folding Stock,Side Folding Stock & Pistol grip stocks. We are also working on other ATI  stock designs that fit a Remington 870 so that it will interchange with the Custom adapter to fit a 887.

Since there isn't a current manufacture of aftermarket stocks for the 887 we took to the ATI Stocks "since its the most Popular" and a custom milled adapter to accept both the 887s Receiver and the 870 ATI Tactical Stock. Which in turn produces a solid and proven fit. This means no modification to the gun or the stock. Just a simple adapter to combine the two.


Don't be fooled by people on You Tube who claim they have a "Fix or Solution" and can make a stock fit. We don't believe you should have to hack away at a perfectly crafted firearm to make something fit that's un safe or unreliable and will eventually fall off.

We take pride to be the only one on the web to offer these. Each adapter is custom milled & fabricated to order. To ensure a proper fit, every adapter is hand fitted on a 887 before it leaves the shop to ensure a solid fit.

We offer many Options for the 887 NITROMAG Tactical & Long Barrel.

1.) The Adapter Only option for the 887- Adapter only is just that. You purchase the adapter and install it on the specified ATI Stock that you currently have for a "870 Model shotgun"  Installation instructions are the same from the factory. (Call For Bulk / Dealer Pricing) 

2.) ATI Tactical Stocks for the 887: Adapter and Stock Combos'' MOST POPULAR"- This option saves you some time and stress in having to go out and find the stock and buy it yourself and to only find out it will not work without the adapter. This kit has everything you need, We ship you a brand new in box ATI Stock & Milled Adapter  for your 887. Comes with install instructions (Very Easy Install with no modifying of the stock or receiver) and your off to the range.

3.) ATI Rear Pistol Grip with Scorpion Recoil Reduction system for the 887: Pistol Grip and Adaptor
This option puts that mean 887 into pistol grip mode like the Mossberg 500 and the Remington 870. The advantage to this on the 887 pistol grip model is your pistol grip shotgun holds more rounds than the competitors models.

4.) ATI 6 Position adjustable Tactical stock w/Adapter for the 887.
This option is a more affordable option to go tactical.

5.) ATI  5 Shot Shell holder for the 887

    Add (5) more shots to your already loaded up 887!

6.) Click our online store for more Stocks & Tactical Accessories for your 887!


Classification: Customized ATI Tactical stocks for the Remington 887 Nitromag

887 ATI Tactical Stocks

887 ATI Rear Pistol Grip Stocks

  887 ATI Custom Adapter for ATI Stocks

Tactical options & Stocks for the Remington 887 are here!